Roey Haviv


Roey Haviv


From Jerusalem to New York to Charlotte NC...

After learning piano and guitar as a child, I switched to bass at age 13. Over the past 13 years I have had the honor of composing and playing with numerous bands as well as backing over 30 talented singers. I'm proud to be one of the 5 "Tizmoret Ayn" elements and to have been working with Nitay Av for 10 years. 

      My rep includes many different styles but My favorite does not exist but is only created when you forget what style you are supposed to play and focus on communicating with your friends.

The last band I was in so far was the powerful NYC rock group "Days like months" and teamed up with NARAS-Grammy voting member - producer Lior Magal for "Great White Oblivion" project.

Today I live and work In Charlotte NC.

My Solo bass Show :

Is developing every other Monday live at Amelie's with more tracks and fresh ideas every show.

The solo show is about exploring the bass guitar's capability to play different parts and sounds - including percussion, rithem and lead guitars, synthesizers and more on top of bass sounds and parts, All with 4 strings on a piece of wood and some circuitry magic.

The show is different every time I play it,                                               A lot of it has to do with the energy from the audience.                           Much like a DJ, the energy I come with will be fused with the the venue and the people in it to create something unique every time.

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