Roey Haviv

The first time I played a Vigier guitar was in 1998, My friend (I call him teacher) Yossi Fine let me try his at a soundcheck for his band (I was 15 years old at the time) Since then I played any bass I could find but no neck ever sat in my hands like the Vigier one.

In 2012 when I was looking to team up with a luthier, I contacted Vigier guitars first, I never forgot how that bass sat in my hands.

I'm really happy on be on board with the selected few of this high-end guitar company roster.

I use the Vigier Passion bass 5 string as my main bass now... Until I get my Passion iMetal Surfreter (Fretless).

If you like my sound and how comfortable I seem playing - send your thanks to Patrice Vigier.

Click here to peek at my Vigier "artist" page. 

My Addiction to Pigtronix pedals started after getting upset with my old effects pedals sucking the tone out of my (then) new (and still) precious Vigier.

Upgrade was Due.

The first thing I look for before getting associated with a company is how (and where) they do their business.

Pigtronix is a New York company and that's where they invent, design perfect and build all the pedals.

 It's run by honest hard working talented people that like what they do.

On top of that, the effects are unique, They like to use envelopes to trigger different effects (Envelope Phaser, Trenvelope, Quantum Time modulator...) that gives a dynamic player control that wasn't there before... oh.. and the tone... instead of sounding like my bass is triggering an effect they sound like my bass, with an effect.

I use the OFO Disnortion, EP2 Envelope Phaser, QTM Quantum Time modulator and the Gate Keeper but wait.. there would be more...

My artist page at Pigtronix

I Normally use the Markbass Combo 121lite (Alain Caron model), I am not affiliated with Markbass, Just Friends, Same with Dadd'ario strings planetwaves cables and Audix Microphones.

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