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About me: 

From Jerusalem to New York to Charlotte NC...

After taking piano lessons from age 4, I picked up the guitar at 9 years old and switched to bass at age 13. Since then - I have had the honor of composing and playing with numerous bands as well as backing over 30 talented singers. I'm proud to be one of the 5 "Tizmoret Ayn" elements and to have been working with Nitai Av for 10 years. 

My reputation includes many different styles but my favorite one does not exist- it is only created when you forget what style you are supposed to play and create it on the spot.

In New York I was a member of the powerful L.E.S. rock group "Days like months" and teamed up with NARAS-Grammy voting member - producer Lior Magal for "Great White Oblivion" project.

Today I live and work In Charlotte NC.

In Charlotte I played for the Michael Tracy Band Within 2 years we got many awards, Signed with Spectra Music Group and Arcadium Entertainment.

Currant work:

Tyris- Improv Jazz shows with Tyris Washington and friends

Every 4th friday of the month we play at "The House That Rocks" Music school. This show sells out regularly and we are expanding our reach soon. Meanwhile please get your tickets in advance.

Muchacho - an electronica/chillout/DJ driven group by 10mmΩRecordings, 3 incredible DJ's teamed up to make music on the spot, The sets always change and pull people in a deep house experience made live in front of them by combining the advantages of DJ's and a live band. 

Jason Hausman & The Shallow Sea.  Jason is a Grammy nominated 4 time ADDY award winning multitalented composer and sound designer, Founder of Hot Sake.  The Shallow Sea Is the rhythm section that brings his songs in power trio form. 

I'm fortunate to be a part of all of these projects. 


S o l o:

"Half Alive" was released in Oct 2014 and is my first solo album.

My second album "Shorts" is expected may 2015.

My Solo bass Show :

The solo show is about exploring the bass guitar's capability to play different parts and sounds - including percussion, rhythm and lead guitars, synthesizers and more on top of bass sounds and parts, All with some strings on a piece of wood and some circuitry magic.

The show is different every time I play it,                                               A lot of it has to do with the energy from the audience.                           Much like a DJ, the energy I come with will be fused with the the venue and the people in it to create something unique every time.

Also check out the videos on my youtube channel and music on

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