Roey Haviv

First solo show

January 12, 2011
So I did my first solo show last night to a very small crowed due to a snow storm.
The cozy family atmosphere at Amelie's was exactly what I needed to get this eclectic show on the road.
I feel much better now about not knowing what I'm going to play until it actually gets out my fingertips.  

I am going to do this again next week, this time in front of more people 
but that's ok, I got my feet in the water already and they are fine.

here is a little clip from the show:


Vagner Faria

January 5, 2011
Every once in a wile I come across a Bass player that inspire me to practice. This is Vagner Faria - a Brazilian Bass master:
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Light quest

December 13, 2010
The song Light quest has been released to stream play on the Elephants website.
Check it out (I'm on Bass and some of the Background vocals).  
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Wellcom to my Basslog

January 19, 2010
This is where i'll keep you posted about whatever it is that just happend.

I'll try to write weekly, hopefully there will be good things to update you about.

This is my first blog so exuse me if it's not what you are used to.

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